SBR Technic specialized on most Subaru models including 86/BRZ enabling us to identify common issues and repair efficiently. Some of the services includes; Wheel Bearing Replacement, Leaking Head Gasket, A/C System, Oil Leaks & Consumption, Suspension & Brakes, Timing Belt Replacement, Radiator & Coolant and ECU Diagnostic



Buying a used car? Unsure of the condition? Send it to us at SBR Technic for pre-purchase inspection that evaluates a vehicle’s condition before a purchase offer is made.


The ASC 1000 G performs all service processes automatically. A/c service is more than just refilling gas , like your engine, the a/c compressor needs re-oilling to ensure maximum comfort and prolonged lifespan.


Schedule your engine servicing with genuine engine oil that’s specially formulated for use in boxer engines. Use quality engine oil to prevent pre-mature engine wear such as your con-rod bearing, camshaft and many more.


Trust Our Garage

At our SBR Technic , we fully appreciate how difficult it is for people to find reliable and trustworthy workshop where they can service and repair their cars. We are always keen to prove to our customers that we are different!

  • We are specialized with most Subaru models including 86/BRZ
  • All our mechanics and technicians are all properly trained
  • We will provide itemized invoice with the latest pricing.
Genuine Parts

At our SBR Technic, we carry our own spare parts. We offer genuine, high quality spare parts, diagnostic and repair services at reasonably price.

  • We prefer to use Subaru Genuine Parts for reliability and longer lasting performance for your vehicle.
  • We also use Genuine Engine Oil and Fluids for your Subaru boxer engine only.
  • SBR Technic also supply high quality aftermarket performance parts for most Subaru models including 86/BRZ.
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